Last Days of Neutral

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With access to the same technology and data, we become empowered with the same capabilities: any human’s ability is so limited compared to what our technology is doing, the disparity between any human being an another becomes insignificant..

Question: How do the powerful and ambitious differentiate themselves?

Answer: By having more data. Data is the new oil; it is the fuel that supports most every technology for the next millennia; so, acquiring, selling, refining, and discovering data begins engender most human endeavor.

A rapid shift towards privatization sweeps the entire planet.

At the same time, we are losing privacy; we get to where there is almost no privacy left – and then push back. A grab for our information, more like a ravaging, as frantic as a bank run.

The collective moves together, we need to own something of ourselves. This further drives the privatizing of data and technology. Soon we protect our data like it is children, we find ways to maximize its usefulness and accumulate it within families from one generation to the next.


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