Just starting? the beginning is here: welcome

You are not reading this by accident. It is your choice how far you wish to believe, how much of this you claim as reality, your faith is for you, our journey does not depend on it.

What I will tell you is your reality. If you feel most comfortable enjoying the story as fiction, I encourage you to do so. There is no danger ahead either way; there is no horrors in this story, although if you knew the end before I’ve hardly begun telling you the beginning, it might be horrifying.

There is so much, so far to go; to accommodate the volume of ground to cover, we will provide further reading and resources as they become relevant. Some of you will chose to know everything available, and others of you will feel more comfortable following along our main path.

Above all else, remember, nothing said in this story and on this website is against you, has anything but everyone’s best interests in mind.

Be happy, be excited. If I told you where we are going and how non-random this simple, unknown blog is, you would never believe it. And, there is no need to believe, I am here to show – not to request any blind faith, or any faith. If you thought the rules were known, set in stone, that nothing like Santa Claus could happen; believe it or not, where we are going, things more unexpected and truer than Santa, are the mundane.




Just starting? the beginning is here: welcome

Please let me introduce myself. I am a life data scientist. For now you can think of me as the narrator of a fictional story you are reading. This is a short orientation, like a safety drill before you set sail on a cruise – the goal today is to give you the information you need to be safe during our journey, and to survive if our journey runs afoul.

If for any reason we get cut off or by whatever means or explanation you become separated from this story, then dismiss what you have heard and continue on with your story as you were before. You cannot find us once disconnected, but we will find you again – this is our mission, we will try again and bring you to present.



Welcome. It is 2017 – light time.

I have a story to tell you. I am also your guide along a journey you’ll not know you are taking until we are near arrival.

You would not imagine what is to come and will not wish to return once there, but we have to proceed in time; I can’t tell you everything¬† – somethings only make sense upon other things – but I will always tell you the truth. And, when our journey is complete, you’ll know the whole truth.



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